Hofma Preserve Near Looking Glass B&B, Grand Haven


Add color to fall in Michigan with a B&B getaway

Timing the colorful peak of fall in Michigan is like trying to time the stock market. Past performance is not, as they say, a predictor of future results. Sometimes the crimson and gold of autumn come early, sometimes so late there’s no time to rake before the first snowfall.

Depending on where you go, the spectacular colors of fall in Michigan can peak anytime from mid-September to the teens of November.

Colors near the shores of the Great Lakes will lag behind those of the interior because it takes longer for lake waters to cool down.

Our advice is to book far in advance and hope for the best if you a traveling in a group and need several B&B rooms.

Ditto if you want to stay at a B&B near Michigan wine trails because harvest time is a very popular time to explore them.

Or near rail trails because after the heat and crowds of summer is the perfect time to load up the bikes.


Or if you’re planning a one-night-here, one-night-there kind of trip.

Or you hope to stay in any town with college sports or parents’ weekends.

On the other hand…

If it’s just the two of you and you’re flexible about where to go, you may not need to plan so far ahead.

By waiting to see the progression of fall in Michigan, you’ll often be able to score a last-minute weekend getaway in or near harbor towns like South Haven, Lexington, Whitehall, and Ludington, trendy towns like Saugatuck, Traverse City and Charlevoix or in many other Michigan towns everyone should get to know. Just to name a few.

And if your getaway to experience fall in Michigan can be on days Sunday through Thursday, you’ll find not only last-minute availability at many desirable B&Bs but also special offers that will add value or shave your bill.

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