The following email was sent to MBBA on November 14, 2022, from Jennifer Rigterink of the Michigan Municipal League, which has been a leader in the effort to either kill the STRs-anywhere bills in Lansing OR to modify the legislation to make it fair to all interests.

The Michigan Senate still has a few sessions left in 2022 It wouldn’t hurt to call your state senator.

Details from Jennifer Rigterink:
“The Michigan Realtors are pushing hard for a vote and passage of HB 4722. They sent out this press release a couple days ago regarding just that. They’ve conducted a survey saying they have data supporting STRs as an important private property right. Though they didn’t share any of the actual survey data, questions, etc. I mention this in case any of you speak with you senator or representative and they bring it up. Wanted to make sure you were in the know and can respond to the ridiculousness of the press release.
As you know, the crux of the issue for local government has been, and continues to be this language in HB 4722:
Sec. 206b. (1) For the purposes of zoning, all of the following apply to the rental of a dwelling, including, but not limited to, short-term rental:
(a) It is a residential use of property and a permitted use in all residential zones.
(b) It is not subject to a special use or conditional use permit or procedure different from those required for other dwellings in the same zone.
(c) It is not a commercial use of property.
Any compromise within the MZEA would require that language to be changed.
While the outcome of the midterm elections may have some feeling more favorable conditions for all of us on the STR front next session, this is still a very live issue right now in lame duck. We need to stay alert and talking to legislators and the governor/governor’s staff.”
The Short-Term Rental Bill (HB4722), unfortunately, is still alive in lame duck and is being discussed by both chambers and the administration to see if they can come to any agreement. Our contact Jennifer Rigterink from the Michigan Municipal League, has been keeping us updated with a summary below. This recent activity is a realtor campaign to take away local government control. We will keep you updated as things progress.
It is important to reach out to your legislators to express our objection to this legislation and to vote “No” on HB4722. You can also reach out to Governor Whitmer and ask that she veto this bill if passed by congress.