Silver Lake Sand Dunes | Photo by Jeanette Tanafranca


Outdoor adventure beckons from the door of every Michigan B&B

From archery to zip lining, and any outdoor adventure in between, whatever your passion or passing interest, you probably can pursue it during a stay at a Michigan bed and breakfast.

And why wouldn’t you want it just that way: a satisfying breakfast to start, followed by quality time in the great outdoors, and then a hot shower and clean, comfy bed to end the day.

Combining a Michigan outdoor adventure getaway with a B&B stay makes particularly good sense for:

  • People who don’t want to waste time figuring out the best, the closest, the prettiest, or the least costly of whatever outdoor adventure they’re pursuing. From the gum-chewing desk clerk at a hotel you’ll get a blank look when you ask, for example, which access point is closest to a particular waterfall. From #MichBnB innkeepers, a helpful answer.


  • Couples who don’t share the same level of interest in golf…
    • in kiteboarding…
    • in bird-watching…
    • or another outdoor adventure that brings you to the area.

One person can venture forth to conquer new challenges while the other gets to enjoy a delightful B&B, perhaps including a spa experience or a stroll around a cute town.

Round up your gear. Clear your calendar.

The innkeepers of the B&Bs shown below have something to tell you about an outdoor adventure or two that can be enjoyed while you stay at their inns.

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