So much to be said for the town of Hart, located in Oceana County, Michigan. Enjoy small town life at the annual Apple Festival or the Oceana County Fair, and get some exercise at the Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail. This trail is 22 miles long, and is a converted railroad corridor, with quite an interesting route to follow. Golfing, dining, shopping, concerts, fishing…the list of things to do just goes on and on. History and Geneology are easily researched here in Oceana County. Visit the Hart Historic District, Dr. Munger’s House, and the Oceana County Historical Park Museum Complex–there’s so much to learn!

Time for some family fun…let’s head on over to Craig’s Cruisers and get behind the wheel of the go-karts, kiddie-karts and bumper boats. Then we’ll slow down with the mini-golf course and the video games before moving on over to FOE Bowling. There’s where we’ll find 12 lanes, as well as pool tables and a game room. Mac Woods Scenic Dune Rides–that’s what we’ll do tomorrow. The sand dune mountains are constantly changing, and we can ride for seven miles on this tour and learn all the fun facts. There are so many more great things to see and do in and around Hart, Michigan, but the last one we’ll mention here is the farm markets. Our local produce from our own gardens and orchards is available at various roadside markets. First up is the asparagus, the number one crop in Oceana County. All kinds of fruits are available, and at the Cherry Point Farm Market, there are also gifts, homemade fudge, strudel, and pies. Grab a few to take home!