Exciting things are happening with MBBA. We have a need brand, thanks to Mandy Murry which includes a new URL – www.MichBnB.com along with new logos and branding colors.

MichBnB new logo

and a new website. Here’s a peek-

screen capture of the new MBBA website

As part of the new website and rebranding of your listing, we are rewriting all of the copy, including adding more information about your policies and experiences in your area. The new website also offers front-and-center exposure to your offers. Here is an example. Note it is not populated yet:

New MBBA Offers Page on our website

We need images to populate the website and for social media.

What we are looking for is food and room shots and any experiences in your area. Here are some good examples:

This is a professional shot from the Nordic Pineapple. Note that you could have a similar effect with your phone, by scooting down zooming in, and highlighting the mug for exposure purposes.

Cup of hot chocolate in a blue mug from Nordic Pineapple

Here is a good room picture from Hotel Saugatuck. Notice the angle:

King bedroom with breakfast on a side table

We recently visited Vintage Inn and got some great shots of their chickens. In this case being close made the shot.

Chickens at the Vintage Inn

Lastly, we need good pictures of yourselves and the front of your inns. Here is one Byron took of the Lewis House. We tried many different angles and came up with this. We had fun since Deb was running for City counsel.

Grey Victorian building with Mayor sign out front

Here is a fun one that a member inn sent us from Villa on Verona.

Owners of Villa on Verona, Virginia and Mason Novess

How to get your photos and your inn featured on MichBnB’s Social media

Depicting a B&B experience is the Number 1 goal for MBBA Marketing. A secondary goal is to depict a Pure Michigan experience.

Other prominent pages are used in the Experience pages — 17 of them, or more.  For the Foodie page, for example, it could be a yummy closeup of your breakfast entree. Or what about cocoa and cookies on a table in front of a fireplace?  For the Autumn page, pumpkins and mums on your front porch. For the Romance page, a photo of a loving couple taking a selfie on your deck.

A fancy camera isn’t needed. Smartphones and tablets can do the job. Turn it sideways to get a horizontal image. Compose the photo to accommodate the extreme crop. Submit full-resolution, un-cropped photos.

Other tips:

  • If possible, move what you’re photographing into the best possible natural light. Don’t use flash.
  • Simplify the background. Avoid mundane or distracting details, such as an electrical outlet.
  • Smooth the tablecloth, fluff the pillows, light the candles. Take a sample photo, then critique, adjust the scene, re-shoot.
  • It’s not only okay to include people in the photo, but it also can be quite desirable to depict your target customers. If they’re guests, get their written permission. An email exchange will do. Better yet, enlist a handsome couple you know. You can coordinate what they’re wearing and send them off with a plate of brownies.
  • If people are in your photo, remember that you’re not photographing them as people. You’re photographing people enjoying an experience

If you are doing a regular post for yourself, remember to tag us and we will reshare-

Hash Tag- #MichBnB

Facebook- @MichiganBedandBreakfastAssociaiton

Instagram- @Michigan.BnB

You can send us your photos by dropping them in your MBBA Dropbox folder, or if you just have a few, send them by e-mail to: [email protected]

Thanks for helping #MichBnB being the very Best State Association that tells the stories of the Best Bed and Breakfasts in Michigan.