About MBBA gift certificates

Member innkeepers are required to accept MBBA gift certificates. There’s no downside. Unlike some other gift certificates, you pay no commission. They’re like cash to you and are easy to redeem. Fill out the form below.

Before agreeing to accept an MBBA gift certificate for payment, confirm that the reservation will occur before the expiration date AND that you will have time to redeem it before it expires. MBBA cannot accept expired gift certificates.

What to do about these situations

  • A guest who is planning to use an MBBA gift certificate cancels at the last minute: Protect yourself by collecting credit card info at time of booking even if the cost of the stay is less than the amount of the gift certificate. Charge the card according to your inn’s policies.
  • The amount of the gift certificate exceeds the amount owed: Give the guest a cash refund. You will be made whole when you redeem the gift certificate.
  • The name on the gift certificate doesn’t match the guest’s name: Not your problem. Our gift certificates are transferable.
  • A guest wants to use a gift certificate to pay for the deposit: That’s okay, but get it in hand before redeeming.
  • The guest gave you the gift certificate’s number when booking, but forgot to bring it: You cannot redeem it. If you don’t collect the physical gift certificate, the holder could use it again.

Got an MBBA gift certificate to redeem?

Make sure you possess the physical gift certificate before you submit this form.


Michigan law on gift certificates

In Michigan, a purchased gift certificate cannot expire sooner than five years. MBBA keeps meticulous records on sales and redemptions of gift certificates because those incoming funds remain an obligation on our books for five years or until redeemed, whichever comes first. Only after five years can the money be considered as revenue.

If you sell gift certificates, the above is true for you.

There’s an alternative to all that bookkeeping: Instead of selling their own gift certificates, some MBBA members refer people to buy MBBA gift certificates.

If you donate a gift certificate, that’s different. Set any expiration date.