The city of Hillsdale is located in Southeast Michigan, Its name identifies the hills and dales of Hillsdale County with its quiet, natural, rural beauty, complemented by streams, woods, lakes, and wildlife. Big city traffic is quickly forgotten and jaywalking is tolerated in the historic downtown district.
Every Saturday, the fairgrounds hosts a farmer’s market with fruit, vegetables, small animals and a flea market. Dozens of antique shops dot the countryside and visitors from nearby metropolitan areas find hidden treasures in our quaint stores. Hillsdale County has 350 lakes and ponds and is the headwaters of five major rivers. Some lakes have full water sports while others are restricted, providing peaceful ambiance.
In the late 1800s, Hillsdale was a booming railroad town. Dozens of beautiful Victorian homes were constructed with incredible architecture and charm. Hundreds of beautiful trees now line the streets, providing striking colors in the fall and comforting shade in the summer.

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