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Himelhoch Bed and Breakfast

Caro, Michigan

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More Information About The Himelhoch Bed and Breakfast And Experiences

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A standout in a community defined by historic homes, our magnificently-restored Victorian Himelhoch Bed and Breakfast is situated in the heart of Michigan’s Thumb.  A mere 20-minute drive from the Bavarian “Christmas” town of Frankenmuth -- Michigan’s number-one tourist destination –- it is a haven of tranquility surrounded by some noted wonders of #PureMichigan.

Rated five stars in reviews, our B&B is the perfect place to start and end your daily adventures. Himelhoch (pronounced HIM-ul-hoe) features two spacious suites and a guestroom. The Myer & Rosa Suite and the Golda Mae Suite  each feature fireplaces -- one electric and the other gas. The Coral Room features 19th Century furnishings that include a majestic hand-carved double bed. Its affordability plus the koi pond’s waterfall whispering just below the window makes the Coral Room an extravagant destination for the senses. Each of the guest rooms have private, ensuite baths.

Himelhoch B&B parlor with Christmas tree
Himelhoch B&B is open year-round and never more beautiful than during the Christmas holidays.

We've equipped each guest room with all the luxuries you’d expect of a five-star B&B experience. They include flat-screen TVs with a choice of 120 channels, including premium movies, free high-speed WiFi and air conditioning in summer. Plush robes are waiting for you to snuggle in and the mattresses are all new, dressed with fresh, crisp linens promising a great night’s sleep.

Beyond your private sleeping area, share the period parlor with its cozy gas fireplace. Enjoy the game room complete with pool table. The landscaped outdoor patio features plenty of room to relax plus a year-around hot tub. In summer, we serve breakfast on our large, covered wrap-around porch -- a perfect place to chill out with a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine, watching a quieter, more gentle world wander by. Another luxury we love to share are our complimentary treats from cookies and cupcakes to water, pop and coffee throughout the day.

Speaking of treats, breakfasts at Himelhoch are legacy “farmer’s” breakfasts that reflect our region’s culture of good, old-fashioned home cooking. Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast, waffles, pancakes… just read the rave reviews with descriptive words ranging from “delicious” to “amazing.” The best part: You don’t just get fed what we feel like cooking that morning; you choose your favorites from a menu we present you the night before.

Unique experiences at Himelhoch Bed and Breakfast

Historic Charm

Lumbering launched Caro, but its claim to fame since the early 1900s is sugar. Caro is home to the largest of four regionally-located Michigan Sugar Company processing facilities, known to every housewife, cook and baker in Michigan and beyond for its Pioneer Sugar brand – locally sourced from sugar beets grown at farms across the region.

Cool City

Not just one but three...

  • Caro. Enjoy matinees and evening showings of first-run movies at The Strand Theater, an old-time, downtown, single-screen theater built in the 1920s. Caro’s hot spot is The Oven Restaurant, a full-service restaurant and pub with a wide selection of flavorful foods. Try their dough balls, a local favorite.
  • Frankenmuth. This city offers a distinctive Bavarian ambiance. A mere 20-minute drive from Himelhoch, Frankenmuth features Zehnder’s famous family-style chicken and many more dining options with a wide range of delicious entrees and confections. Its strong German heritage makes the local cuisine a foodie’s paradise. With Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland its year-around centerpiece, Frankenmuth is considered Michigan’s “Christmas Capital.”
  • Bay City. Less than a 35-minute drive from the Himelhoch, visit thriving Bay City with its busy waterfront, shops and ethnic Polish eateries. Hop aboard a BaySail’s Appledore Tall Ship for a harbor cruise or dine and dance aboard one of the Bay City Boat Lines. Shop the Bay City Antiques Center—Michigan’s largest, featuring 400 booths inside a three-story building that occupies a full block of downtown. Book your ride on a 16-passenger Dutch-made pedal bike and enjoy a pint or two of craft beer as you stop at breweries along the way.


You must see the Petroglyphs of Sanilac. Imagine reading the ancient version of today’s message board left behind by Native Americans who thrived 1500 years ago, located just 30 minutes from Himelhoch B&B. According to scientists who measure the deterioration of the site at the Albert Sleeper State Park, you have only about 50 years left to experience the petroglyphs. These ancient carvings cover the face of 5000 square feet of Marshall sandstone – a mix of sand, mud and lime formed millions of years ago, later shaped by glacial melt. They were uncovered after a devasting fire wiped out a vast part of Michigan and its wind-prone Thumb in 1881, exposing the ancient carvings. Hurry: there’s not much time left.

Also nearby, visit the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum housed in the USS Edson, a retired Navy destroyer docked in Bay City.

At the post office, view “Mail on the Farm,” a vintage 1941 mural that decorates the historic Caro Post Office main lobby. Part of the Great Depression’s Federal Art Project, the mural was designed to depict an every-day event in Tuscola County life. David Fredenthal, the mural’s creator, is a nationally-recognized watercolor artist and illustrator. His works are housed in numerous museums, universities and private art collections.


Bike all of Caro starting at the trailhead just minutes from the Himelhoch. For the even-more adventurous, connect with the 10.2-mile Southern Links Trailway touching Tuscola, Lapeer and Genesee counties. Its surface ranges from asphalt to woodchips and also accommodates inline skating, horseback riding, walking and cross country skiing.

Visit Turnip Rock in Lake Huron at the mouth of Saginaw Bay by kayak or canoe. You can’t see it from the land. Lodging is scarce in the area, so many enthusiasts take a day trip from the Himelhoch to paddle out from Port Austin, just an hour’s drive due east.

Winter Fun

We offer you “hot tub heaven." Have you ever soaked in an outdoor hot tub in winter? If not, you haven’t lived. Instead of a brief visit to the hot and swirling water before you swelter, submerge all day (with a few cool-down trips for refreshments) with the steam rising and coating your eyelashes and hair in a thin rime of ice. It’s a great look! Spend the day shopping in Frankenmuth or Bay City or poking around Caro and surrounding small towns. Then come home to Himelhoch for this terrific outdoor winter experience. P.S. You are guaranteed to sleep, immediately and fully all night long.

Guest Rooms: 3

 Who We Are:

Don and Melissa Hall



103 North Almer Street, Caro, MI, USA 48723