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Grey Hare Inn

Traverse City, Michigan

Grey Hare Inn is an elegant country vineyard estate located on Old Mission Peninsula in the heart of scenic Northern Michigan wine country. Surrounded by breathtaking vineyard, cherry orchard and distant views of Grand Traverse Bay, Grey Hare Inn offers an almost guaranteed peaceful getaway. Twenty-seven acres envelope the inn in quiet and serene ambiance: perfect for morning walks, afternoon strolls or evening escapades. Indoors, you'll find a common room with spacious seating surrounding a large limestone fireplace -- which is usually roaring if it's chilly outside.

With only three bedrooms and a max occupancy of eight persons, you'll never get the feeling of stepping on someone's toes.

Winter scene at Grey Hare Inn
Strap on some snowshoes for a wintertime tour of our vineyards.

The Grey Hare Inn is situated halfway up Old Mission Peninsula, which puts us smack in the middle of all the wonderful local wineries and restaurants nearby. Peninsula Cellars is even just a 10-minute walk away, making it the perfect afternoon stroll. Bring a bottle or two back to the inn and enjoy them outside in our courtyard while playing bocce ball under the Northern Michigan sunset sky.

Feeling adventurous? Traverse City is just 10 minutes away, with activities that are none short of plenty: sailing, biking, hiking, golfing, skiing, antique shopping and more.

Come and enjoy slow living here at the Grey Hare Inn and enjoy the Northern Michigan beauty that is everywhere on scenic and serene Old Mission Peninsula. We can't wait to meet you!

Check out our Rooms + Rates + Packages Page for more information.

Grey Hare Inn prides itself on only using locally sourced products and locally grown food. We especially like making things that you wouldn't necessarily make for yourself on any typical morning: croissants, scones, fresh jam, crepes, macarons, homemade bread, poached eggs, hollandaise; the list goes on and on... Each morning you'll find house-made pastries adorning the Bistro Buffet, along with coffee, tea, juice and espresso. Two main breakfast options are offered daily, fulfilling even the pickiest of eaters. Did we mention you can eat outside, too? You won't leave hungry after a breakfast at the Grey Hare!



The Grey Hare Inn takes anniversaries and romantic getaways seriously. There is nothing as special as celebrating the love between two persons. After all, it's not always "rainbows and daisies" being in a relationship (right?!). We are very happy to add any extra amenities to your stay to help make your getaway as romantic as need be. Flowers? We can get those. Cake? We can make it. Champagne? We can find some. Chocolate? We make truffles here. Need we say more? By the way, we are a small inn with a max occupancy of eight persons, so there's always plenty of space to go around.


The Grey Hare Inn is passionate about serving you an indulgent yet healthy breakfast each morning of your stay. Likewise, the local restaurants here in Traverse City also adhere to that same passion. The Grand Traverse Region is constantly promoting all things food: especially food that is locally grown, organically sourced and sustainable. We hold festivals for paella, chocolate,  morel mushrooms, and asparagus. Our Northwestern Michigan Community College even holds a local BBQ festival each May that brings in thousands of participants. Trust us, you'll find something good to eat each morning, noon and night here in Traverse City.

Wine Trail

There are a plethora of local wineries just minutes away from the Grey Hare Inn. We are uniquely situated halfway up the peninsula and therefore, no more than five to 10 minutes away from any local winery. Feel free to bring a bottle or two back to the Inn and enjoy it on our European-style courtyard or in the lush surrounding gardens.

The gazebo is also a lovely places to enjoy a glass of local wine, surrounded by the sweet sound of birds and the fresh Michigan Breeze. Check out Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail for more information about our local wineries.

Craft Beer

While we do desperately love our wine, we also have a secret passion for craft beer! Luckily for all those non-wine drinkers out there, Traverse City boasts of being one of the biggest craft beer communities in Northern Michigan. You will undoubtedly find beers you'll want to drink more than once, and that's why they made the growler. Luckily, the Grey Hare Inn is just 10 minutes away from downtown Traverse City and all the beer close by. Bring back a growler or two and enjoy them while playing in our bocce ball court!


Well, well, well. If there wasn't enough wine and beer to drink here in Traverse City, we've also got you covered on all things cider. Some wineries, and most breweries, often offer their own take on the old autumn classic. We've got cider infused with cherries (of course), peaches, juniper, hops, jalapenos and even tea! If you're here in the fall, there is nothing like a glass of crisp, cold cider on our patio while watching the leaves turn color and the fire-pit crackle.

Backyard at Grey Hare Inn
Grey Hare Inn’s backyard is just the prelude to the 27 acres guests can explore here.

Cool City

Traverse City is a very tight-knit community focused on bringing people together and showcasing the best of what our city has to offer. There's typically a festival each weekend of the summer months (which spreads into the cooler months as well) celebrating things like: cherries, grapes (wine), apples (cider), beer, asparagus, mushrooms, fish... Okay I think you get the idea, we like drinking and eating. But we also celebrate people like writers, poets, musicians, comedians, creators, and athletes. There's nothing short of plenty to do here in Traverse City. The nature surrounding the area is begging your attention as well: lakes, dunes, trails, beaches, orchards, vineyards, ski hills; the list goes on and on.


Traverse City has a wide variety of cultural events that take place year round, luckily the Grey Hare Inn is just minutes away from all of them. Besides the well-known National Cherry Festival, Traverse City is also home to the Film Festival (founded by Michael Moore), the Interlochen Center for the Arts, the Dennos Museum, the National Writers Series and a community full of talented artists who sing, dance, create and inspire this town into the cultural gem that it is. For the thrill-seeking type, the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival and the Traverse City Pit Spitters are sure to wow. For a slice of history, the grounds and buildings of the  Village at Grand Traverse Commons offer a unique melting pot of things new and old, perhaps including ghosts.


Nothing is as peaceful as the turning of summer into autumn here in Traverse City. Not only are the drives picturesque, the town is also starting to slow down. More tables are available at restaurants, unique local events draw smaller crowds, and the weather feels somewhere in-between a sweater and a pair of shorts. Not too hot, not too cold. Most businesses are also celebrating their yearly harvests with dinners and festivals. But, if you just don't want to get out, the Grey Hare has 27 acres for you to enjoy. The woods behind the inn is especially beautiful in autumn and our gazebo sits right inside the nearby woods, perfect for a peaceful walk during the changing season. Take your favorite beverage out there, or your book, or both!

Winter Fun

If you're like us and you're okay with eating ice cream when its only 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside, then you'll quite enjoy visiting Traverse City in the wintertime. Most winter-friendly guests take advantage of the prestigious North American VASA Festival of Races in February. But if you're not into racing yourself (or standing in the cold watching those who do) we offer our own set of snowshoes, cross-country skis and children's sleds so you can take it at your own pace. We drink a lot of homemade hot-chocolate in the winter while reading, playing games and talking by the warm limestone fireplace. If you do want to test your limits, or teach your kids to ski or snowboard, we have 3 (three) local ski hills perfect for your next winter weekend getaway.


The historic Mission Point Lighthouse graces the tip of the Peninsula, directly at the 45th parallel. The lighthouse itself is open for viewing May-October, but the walking trails are always open and offer beautiful views of the bay. We recommend taking a walk up there after breakfast. In the winter, we'll gladly let you take the snowshoes up there for a walk as well. The Grey Hare Inn is less than 10 minutes away.


Guest Rooms: 3

 Who We Are:

Sarah and Dereck Dykes



1994 Carroll Road, Traverse City, MI, USA 49686