Get the ingredients you need for successful B&B innkeeping in Michigan

Worth it! MBBA members enjoy a fair return on their investment:

  • The $35 you’ll pay in monthly dues? You’ll earn that back — and then some — in bookings you might not have received otherwise.
  • The $2 per room night sold that you’ll remit monthly? It does NOT come out of your pocket. Ask us how that works.

Easy! All that bother of getting listed on a different website? We’ll do most of it for you if you ask.

Quality-assured! It matters to guests, something that became clear during the pandemic. MBBA’s certification sets your inn apart.

No commission! Independent lodging associations like MBBA offer one of the few remaining sources of commission-free bookings — IF they have a strong website. MBBA has a strong website, supported by blogging and social media.

More traffic! In a 2019 nationwide analysis of traffic going from state B&B association sites to member inns, MBBA’s website accounted for a higher percentage of its members’ traffic and bookings than any other state association. We continually strive to do better.

Gift certificates! MBBA sells thousands of dollars worth of gift certificates each year. When guests spend them like cash at your B&B, you pay zero commission.

Guaranteed insurance discount! Michigan’s Fremont Insurance offers a coverage package specially geared to situations B&B owners might encounter. It’s not just an enhanced homeowners policy. MBBA innkeepers get a 15 percent discount because their inns meet our QA standards and are periodically inspected.

Advocacy! MBBA is a leader at the state and national level.

Continuing education! Attend our annual educational conference. Webinars exclusive to members keep everyone abreast of trending topics. It’s amazing how much goes into staying at the top of your game in hospitality.

Individualized marketing support! Let our staff know what would help your business.


Prior to the turmoil of 2020, Michigan B&B owners had been joining MBBA at the rate of nearly one a month since August 2018. In the 12 months after March 2020, the rate of new members dipped to an average of one per quarter, but that was remarkable considering all that inn owners were having to juggle in their business and personal lives.

Isn’t it time you get serious about partnering with MBBA?


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New-member rep Linda Benson
Linda Benson