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Review this checklist to know if your inn will meet our standards, then apply for membership.

Michigan Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association
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Quality Assurance Review Checklist

Review Date: ______/_______/2017 Reviewer: _____________________________________

B&B Name:________________________________ Name of Innkeeper:__________________________

Address:_______________________________ City: __________________________ Zip:_____________

Phone (Day):_________________________Owner Operated? Yes No

Phone (Evening):_____________________ Owner / Innkeeper lives on premises? Yes No

Email Address:_______________________________ Web Address: www.________________________

Insurance Co.___________________________________________________________________________

Policy#__________________________________________________ Exp. Date _____________________

B&B Owner:____________________________________________________________________________


Innkeeper/Owner’s Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Attn: Innkeeper:
Use this form to prepare for your scheduled Quality Assurance Review. Certification of your B&B will be determined by your compliance with all basic and safety requirements of the Michigan B&B Association Quality Assurance Standards, as presented on this checklist, by your assigned Reviewer.

Bed Bugs: Before starting the review, the reviewer will ask innkeeper(s) if they have any reason to suspect bed bugs on the premises. If the answer is yes, the reviewer will not proceed with the inspection (see page 10 for details and further instructions).

Safety Requirements: All safety requirements are mandatory and must be met, including providing a copy of insurance certification. These standards have an overall impact on the B&B industry and are of critical concern to the B&B public. If the Reviewer documents that any one of the safety requirements are not met, your B&B will not be approved and certified. For initial or ongoing MBBA membership, a second review will be required after safety deficiencies have been corrected. Any second review will be at the owner’s request and will require a fee of $100.00.

Basic Requirements: Compliance with all basic requirements is expected. When up to 5 basic requirements are not met, Innkeeper(s) will be given up to one month to meet the requirements and report compliance to ML2L office. Certification will be granted thereafter. If the Reviewer documents non-compliance of 6 or more basic requirements, certification will not be granted. A second review will be required after basic deficiencies are corrected. Any second review will be at the owner’s request and will require a fee of $100.

Scheduling & Cancellation of Quality Assurance Reviews: All B&B Inns will be contacted by their assigned Reviewer. After arranging a mutually-convenient time, the Reviewer will confirm the date and time of the review in writing. Member Inns unable to keep their scheduled Review Appointment are expected to give 24 hours’ notice. Likewise, Reviewers who need to cancel a scheduled review are expected to give the inn a 24-hour notice. If a Reviewer arrives for a scheduled Review and the Innkeeper or designee is not available and the Review cannot be conducted, a “No Show” fee will be charged to the Member Inn. The fee will be equal to the expenses incurred by the Reviewer unable to conduct the Review. Another review date will not be scheduled until the “No Show” fee has been paid.

Membership Requirements

Each inn must meet each of these eight requirements to qualify for membership:

1. B&B must be located in Michigan.

2. Member inns must have at least two guest rooms at the time of joining the organization, although the Board of Directors may consider an application by other unique properties that meet all other requirements.

3. Breakfast must be provided on site and included in the room rate.

4. Guest rooms must have the appearance of being individually and personally decorated, appointed in a manner consistent with the style of the inn and in a manner that is more home than hotel-like.

5. The owner or innkeeper must live on the premises.*
*Prospective members may apply to the Board of Directors for a variance to this requirement as follows: A prospective member whose inn is located on nearby property and meets all other criteria may present to the Board of Directors for its review a plan for how the owner/innkeeper would maintain a prominent and ongoing presence and an atmosphere of hospitality in the inn while guests are staying. The member shall implement the plan as approved and maintain it so long as he/she remains a member.

6. The B&B must successfully complete the association’s Quality Assurance Review Program requirements.

7. No more than two guest rooms or five people may share one full bath. If more than five guests share a bath, it must be a dormitory-type facility.

8. The B&B must honor valid gift certificates issued by MBBA as if they are cash, and must provide cash back if the value of the certificate exceeds the cost of the stay. In return, the B&B receives reimbursement from MBBA for the full value of the gift certificate.

This inn meets all eight requirements for membership: YES    NO

Clarification of Reviewers’ Role and Responsibilities

Where subjective terms like “well-lit,” “clean” and “adequate” are used in the following standards, reviewers will use their best judgment based on their training, on their knowledge of how innkeepers at top-rated B&Bs interpret and meet the standards, and on the central question: “How will this look to a guest?”


Basic Requirements YES    NO

1. B&B signage, street numbers and other identification is clearly visible from the street.
2. All B&B entrance doors other than the guest entrance are marked private.
3. Buildings are well maintained.
4. Lawn and gardens are groomed and maintained.
5. Outdoor furniture is clean and well maintained.
6. Sufficient parking is available at the premises or nearby.

Safety Requirements YES    NO
1. The following areas are well lit, free of debris and safety hazards.
a) parking area
b) walkways and steps
c) entry way
2. The main entry door has a locking mechanism.
3. Guest entrance stairs with three or more steps have hand-rails.
4. If the premises have a hot tub, spa or swimming pool, it is clean, well maintained and appropriate warning signs are posted for its use. The owner(s) must confirm their awareness to the reviewer of current regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and, if not compliant, their plans to become compliant.


Basic Requirements YES    NO
1. The innkeeper(s) use available technology to assure that the inn’s telephone is answered during business hours.
2. The reviewer contacted the B&B by phone prior to the review and determined that telephone calls are handled in a courteous, business-like manner; that  the inn’s name is mentioned upon answering; and that accurate information is provided.
3. An effective reservation system is used to prevent overbooking or other reservation problems.
4. Brochure and all online advertising provides an accurate description of the B&B, services offered and location. All text is original to the B&B.
5. Resident pets of Innkeepers are restricted to non-public areas of the building unless resident pets are noted in all advertising and disclosed when reservations are made.
6. Written “House Policies” are provided for guests.
7. Type of breakfast service is identified (continental or full) and is included in the room rate.
8. Guests are informed in advance of waterbeds or shared baths.

Safety Requirements YES    NO
1. A telephone is available at all times for emergency guest use.
2. Emergency numbers are posted on or next to every phone.
3. Guests are informed how they can locate and communicate with innkeepers at all times.


Basic Requirements YES    NO
1. A specified social area is available for guest use.
2. Heating and ventilation is adequate throughout.
3. All walls, furnishings, and floor coverings are clean, free of dust, cobwebs and stains, and are in good repair.
a) Floors
b) Walls
c) Windows
d) Furniture
e) Lamps and fixtures
f) Pictures and decorative objects
g) Window sills, baseboards, etc.
h) Curtains, drapes and window treatments
4. There is adequate seating available for maximum occupancy. Private areas are noted with appropriate signage or kept locked. A continental or full breakfast is served on the premises.
7. The kitchen is clean and well maintained.
8. The refrigerator is kept at or below 40 degrees.
9. Bleach water or a sanitizing agent is used for cleanup of counters.
10. Garbage container can be used without touching the lid and is emptied daily.

Safety Requirements YES NO
1. All local and state Fire & Safety Regulations are being met.
2. Each floor has a fire extinguisher that is pressurized and ready  to use according to manufacturers instructions, in plain view.
3. Fire extinguishers have gauges or display an up-to-date service tag.
4. Emergency lighting is available in all stairs and hallways; or recharging flashlights are provided in each guest room; or the inn has an automatic generator.
5. All common rooms are lit from dusk to dawn when guests are in residence.
6. A basic first-aid kit, containing non-expired items, is maintained and available for self-applied guest use.

Name of Rooms Reviewed Private Bath Shared Bath
Room 1:______________________
Room 2:______________________
Room 3:______________________
Room 4:______________________

Basic Requirements                                           Room 1            Room 2         Room 3           Room 4
1. All furnishings, floor coverings and walls (Mark X for Yes, Circle for No)
Are in good repair, dust and stain free:
a) Floors
b) Walls
c) Woodwork
d) Windows
e) Curtains, drapes or other window dressing
2. Furnishings include:
a) Bed
b) Night stand or bookshelf headboard
c) Bedside lamp
d) Chair
3. Adequate heating and cooling are provided.
4. Room is adequately lighted for reading.
(Minimum 120 watts/room)
5. Adequate outlets are easily accessible for
multiple electronic devices.
6. Shelf and counter space are available for guest
7. A closet or clothes storage space with hangers
is provided.
8. Mattress is in top condition.
9. Bed linens are stain free and in good repair.
10. Bed linens include at minimum:
a) Mattress pad
b) Top and bottom sheet
c) Pillow protectors
d) Pillow cases
e) One pillow per person
f) Blanket
g) Quilt, spread, or comforter
11. Two extra pillows and one blanket are available
for each guest room.

Safety Requirements                       Room 1           Room 2          Room 3           Room 4
(Mark X for Yes, Circle for No)

1. There is a smoke detector in working order.
2. The Fire Escape Route is clearly posted and
visible in or from each guest room, or it has
an exterior door.


Basic Requirements
1. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained:
a) Floors
b) Walls
c) Shower, tub, whirlpool, sink, and toilet
d) Shower door or curtain
e) Sink and tub stopper

2. Bathroom features include:
a) Well-illuminated mirror
b) Wastebasket (emptied daily)
c) Ground Fault Interrupter-type electrical
outlet near mirror (provided wiring permits)
d) Exhaust fan or air freshener
e) Night light
f) Counter/shelf space available for guest use
g) Facial tissue
h) Toilet paper (plus 1 extra)
I) Liquid or wrapped soap
j) Drinking glasses (1 per person). If paper
cups are used, glass or wrapped plastic must
also be available.
k) Hair dryer

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
(Mark X for Yes, Circle for No)
3. Bath linens stain free and in good condition.
4. Bath linens include at minimum:
a) 1 bath towel, hand towel, face cloth per
guest per bathroom
b) Clean bath mat
5. Adequate hot water is available for maximum
6. All faucets are drip free and provide good water

7. In shared baths, extra towels are available
in bathroom as well as cleaning supplies
which are kept in child-safe storage.
8. In shared baths, the bathroom door has an
inside lock.

Safety Requirements
1. Cleaning supplies stored in guest-accessible
areas are kept in child safe storage.
2. Tubs and showers have a non-slip surface
or mat provided.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Recommended Best Practices

The following distinguish B&Bs from chain motels and are standards that B&B guests expect.

1. Dishes, cutlery and table linens used are of a type and quality that positively distinguishes the inn’s food service from that offered in chain hotels. NOTE: the reviewer may ask to see an actual breakfast set up or a photo.
2. Pets are not permitted in the kitchen or anywhere food is prepared, stored or served.
3. Provide a complimentary snack or treat basket, bottled water and sodas.
4. Provide free WiFi or web access at a service level adequate for the maximum number of guests, keeping in mind they may have multiple devices.
5. In guest rooms, provide luggage racks, benches or other means of keeping guests’ luggage off the floors, bed or places they will want to sit. This not only contributes to guests’ comfort, but to prevention of bed bugs.
6. Provide guest rooms with a means of hanging coats.
7. Furnish guest rooms with bedspreads, shams, duvet covers, throw pillows, etc. that are usable and can be laundered.
8. Wash mattress pads and pillows at least twice each year.
9. Replace bed linens, towels and other items whenever they become worn looking – not just worn out.
10. Place professionally-installed grab bars by bathtubs, whirlpools and toilets.
11. Sleep in each of your guest rooms once a year, trying everything and bringing with you all the items you would bring if you were a guest including winter coats and boots.

Recommended Best Practices — Emergency Procedures

While these practices are not required by law, they are common-sense precautions both for guest safety and for legal protection of the innkeepers.

Yes No

1. Provide masks for each guest to help protect against smoke inhalation in the event of fire.
2. Post a description of the types and sounds of warning sirens used in your community.
3. Post a meeting place for guests to congregate after escaping a fire or other disaster.
4. Post and provide directions to a safe on-site location in the event of a tornado warning or other disaster.
5. Stock the tornado/disaster area with survival supplies as recommended by the National Weather Service.
6. Purchase, properly install and maintain a generator in the event of power outage.
7. Install carbon monoxide detectors in all sleeping areas.

8. The main entry door has a locking mechanism that allows unhindered ingress and egress for guests at all times of day while prohibiting ingress by anyone whose access is not authorized.