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The Wellington Inn

Traverse City, Michigan

Once in a lifetime chance to acquire a legacy property in Traverse City MI!

Ready for your next chapter? Been dreaming of a small resort community? Have an appreciation of period restoration and the grandeur of days gone by?

This could be your destiny! This stately mansion is looking for her next steward. The property was built by an early Traverse City Lumber Baron family. After just a few years of business in Michigan, they felt the wood resources for their business were drying up. So they sold this property and their other local properties, pulled up stakes and moved to upstate New York. This property then saw a number of owners and progressively she fell into more and more disrepair, until she was turned into a 4-unit apartment building.

The current owners acquired her in 1999, as a four unit apartment building. They were advised to tear her down and rebuild. Instead, they launched a four-year, restoration project that cost several million dollars. All of the mechanical systems (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, egress & ingress) were updated to modern standards. She was dry and stable so the structural work was minimal except for the front porch which fell and a portion of the roof, which had fallen in. Once the necessities were complete, the interior design process began and the mansion was meticulously returned to as near its origins as possible. Wood floors were cleaned, stripped, and refinished, as were pocket doors, moulding and other wood fixtures. Tile floors were lovingly cleaned and restored. Whenever and wherever possible, bathroom fixtures were cleaned and repaired; many were returned to their place in the mansion. In a number of instances the original wallcoverings were cleaned and restored and remain in the mansion today. In cases where a portion of the wall covering could be recovered but not restored, local artists were engaged to recreate what was lost, through a process of faux painting techniques. Light fixtures were collected from all over the country to provide the best representations of the lighting of the era, and a few artistic details were added. The furnishings were carefully curated to represent the neo classical architecture and interior of the property.

And then the doors opened and a delightful Inn was born. The Wellington Inn is a 5-star business that has been meticulously grown over the last almost 20 years with the same vigor, adherence to detail and love that saved the run-down mansion at 230 Wellington St. The enterprise is now a successful business endeavor. But the Innkeepers are ready to pass on the torch to the next steward of this magnificent property.

Don’t miss your chance to acquire this iconic property and business

Call Carole Higgins 231-633-2577 or Greg Higgins 231-633-1558

Cygnus Real Estate

 At A Glance

9 bedrooms
11 bathrooms
plus 2 apartments
  • with 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • and washers and driers!
Listed for $4,250,000


 Contact Person

Carole Higgins


230 Wellington St 40686