The work was hard and long, as it always is with a 100+ year-old house. It took them 2 years to get the house livable and after, the family enjoyed many years in this quaint farmhouse. Then as it goes, the children grew up and started their own lives. In 2012 their journey to become a bed and breakfast slowly began. It took them until 2014 to finish the renovations and to start the application process with the township, and low and behold the fruits of their labor of love were realized, and they opened in 2016. Their original goal when creating the space was to provide a peaceful retreat to reconnect, recharge, and relax. With that as their mission, they made the hard decision to be adult-only (21+), so that they could provide parents a place to unwind, friends, a chance to reconnect, and couples a chance to have uninterrupted time with each other. Come enjoy this little slice of heaven, at their modern farmhouse bed and breakfast! Soak up the sun in their luxurious summer pool. Many guests order picnic baskets from the innkeeper to relax at the pool all day as a staycation.

With 14 acres to play with, they continue to have ongoing projects, from expansive gardens to all the ideas left on their bucket list.  We hear that adding a barn with horses and donkeys is in their summer plans. This couple never stays idle -always with a dream to make the Maple Cove Boutique Bed and Breakfast a comfortable retreat.

Outdoor pool with green umbrella and veranda at the Maple Cove Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Outdoor pool at the Maple Cove

What makes the Maple Cove Boutique Bed and Breakfast Special