Town and Country B&Bs Show Their Unique Signs of Michigan Spring!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a paved parking lot or rural countryside, April is ushering in signs of spring wherever you look, all across Michigan.

Ice Cream Shop in Small Town
Known for their quirky creations like "The Jonesville Dump Sundae" (Oreo crumbs and gummy worms), The Udder Side offers soft-serve and hard-pack ice cream along with soft drinks and burgers.

It’s a sure sign of spring when the lines start forming at “The Udder Side Ice Cream Shop” in downtown Jonesville as they did last Sunday when temperatures topped 80 balmy degrees. Formerly known as “Jonesville Dairy Treats,” the previous location didn’t have room for a drive-up window. So “dey moved to da udder side of da street” and built a modern facility with outdoor seating, plenty of parking and a drive-up window.

Ice Cream Store SignThe store is popular amongst local folks, and its location on Highway 12 offers an “udderly wonderful” break for visitors just passing through Jonesville. Mike and Lori Venturini, owners and innkeepers of The Munro House Bed and Breakfast, just a few blocks away, direct guests there for cool treats all season long. Lori and Mike also feature The Udder Side’s banana splits as part of their Summer Gataway Package!

Birds in the Martin House At Willow Pond B&BInnkeepers Claire and Jerome Vandenberg look forward to the migrating birds coming home to roost and to the 2500 spring bulbs they planted bursting into bloom all around At Willow Pond B&B. They also welcome the  signs of spring unique to their rural setting in Fenwick, just outside Greenville — signs speaking as clearly of spring as the lines at Jonesville’s ice cream shop!

“The new batches of chicks and ducks we get every year are the spring traditions we have the most fun with,” say the Vandenbergs.

Last year's chickens will be just about done laying eggs by the time these new babies are ready to start. So there is never a day when guests At Willow Pond are without fresh organic eggs for breakfast.
Ducks welcome spring, At Willow Pond B&B, Fenwick MI
“The ducks are just to grace our pond,” Claire explains. “But here at just 2-1/2 weeks old, they are taking their first swim in the horse’s water tank under the supervision of our mightily-interested cat. We can’t wait for our apple trees, lilacs and Red Buds to all be in bloom again!”

Whether spring is breaking out in the country or in town, it is inexorably breaking in favor of all who are tired of the cold drafts of winter and ready for the heady warmth of spring. Visit a Michigan Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast-member inn and embrace the season.