Something for our front-line workers

If you’ve been working on the front lines of this terrible COVID-19 pandemic, know that my husband Jim and I at Pohl Bison B&B have been thinking about you — the stress you must be under, the loss of life you may have witnessed, and the sacrifices you and your families have made.

Recently we asked ourselves: What can we do to support you?

Young bison in the pasture
Young bison in one of the pastures that surround three sides of the house.

And then we realized that either one of the two guest rooms on our bison ranch B&B in Central Michigan would be a perfect place to de-stress.

We offer some serious de-stressing. Our guest book is full of comments about how relaxing it is here.

Whether you’re an EMS technician, a nurse, a pulmonary specialist, a nursing home staff member, or someone who scrubs and sanitizes the ICU rooms, we welcome any pandemic front-line worker to come take a breather at Pohl Bison B&B. If you book two consecutive nights and show your badge, we’ll take $25 off our already-modest room rates.

We’re located just west of the Village of Rosebush, an exit off US-127 between Mt. Pleasant and Clare. Read more about us.

Until we can express our gratitude in person, Jim and I thank you for all you have done and are doing.

— Krista Pohl

P.S. We don’t use online booking, so please call me at 989-433-5841 to make a reservation. Mention this offer if booking two nights.

P.S. 2. Please share this with a front-line worker you know.

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