A snack served recently at Adventure Inn

Snack and Snuggle on Lake Huron

Maybe you’re arriving late at Adventure Inn B&B.

Maybe you’ve had a big week, and all you want to do is get to your room or plop on the beach and stay put. Adventure Inn has two guests rooms, both with queen beds and direct views of Lake Huron.

You deal with the snuggles. We’ll take care of an ample snack:

  • Boar’s Head deli meat and cheese plate
  • Rolls, bread or crackers
  • Grapes or other fruit
  • Olives
  • Something snack-ish, such as chips made in Traverse City
  • Made-in-Michigan root beer or another beverage
  • Something homemade for your sweet tooth

Special requests and suggestions are welcome. Give us several hours notice please, or more.

$55 (Tax included.)


Adventure Inn B&B | Near Lexington | SE