Michigan Innkeeper Turns Zucchini into — Apples!

Zucchini By The Foot
Zucchini By The Foot

You know those zucchini squash that grow to twice the size of your foot? They’re usually the gift of a well-meaning neighbor with a patch of garden in the back yard. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with one of these unwieldy green monsters when it lands on your kitchen counter, rejoice! Bed and breakfast Innkeeper Cheri Antozak, owner of Prairieside Suites Luxury B&B near Grand Rapids MI, has your solution. Just try her Zucchini Dessert Crumble.

Listen: it tastes just like Apple Crumble, but has no apples in it. Instead, it’s packed full of oversized zucchini — the bigger the better. This frequently-free produce makes a scrumptious filling you can freeze and bake all winter long. It’s the best of farm to table.

Why is bigger better when it comes to Zucchini Crumble? Here’s how Cheri explains it.

“You’re gonna’ peel it, cut it lengthwise into quarters, remove the soft center seed core and chop the thick outside into half-inch squares. It not only tastes like apple, it looks like apples. Try some and tell me what you think. ”

You’ll find Cheri’s recipe for Zucchini Desert Crumble on the Lake to Lake website under the heading, “Taste” Michigan and in the category called “Just Baked” — one of several categories packed with innkeepers’ recipe favorites. Come Taste and Explore.