Painted Turtle Inn

St. Joseph, Michigan

The Painted Turtle Inn sits atop a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, with each room offering unique views of the big lake.

Known for its location, luxury accommodations and gourmet breakfasts. the inn features a completely redesigned interior to ensure a clean, quiet and comfortable experience for our guests. Modern conveniences include fully updated private baths for each of our five guest rooms.  

After check-in and on each day of your stay, you are invited to an afternoon reception featuring the unique hors d'oeuvres of the day. This allows you to meet the other guests while enjoying an afternoon snack after a long drive or day at the beach. Summer treats feature local produce in season, such as vegetable pizzas, bruschetta or salsas made from locally grown tomatoes, peppers and herbs. In the winter, we are known for our soup samplings to warm up from the outdoor chill. This is a great time to learn about all the activities going on in the area during your stay and discover what other guests have done and enjoyed while in the area. 

Once you've enjoyed your relaxing evening and slept soundly in your room, you will wake up to the smells of coffee brewing and muffins baking or bacon sizzling.

A gourmet breakfast awaits you, always featuring the best local produce in season and as many fresh, local ingredients as are available. A sample breakfast might include freshly-brewed coffee, a selection of fruit juices, morning glory muffins still warm from the oven, and an egg frittata filled with an abundance of local vegetables served with crispy bacon on the side. If that isn't enough to fill you up, add on a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt as dessert.

Now you are ready to start your day of sightseeing or lounging at Silver Beach.

Guest Rooms: 5

 Who We Are:

Christine and Joel Shull




3205 Lakeshore Dr, St. Joseph, MI, USA 49085