Located in what was then thought of as the “far west”, Branch County was founded by its first white settler, Jabe Bronson, in 1828. The city of Coldwater located in Branch County, Michigan, was officially established in 1861. The peaceful scenery is one of the most notable things about Coldwater. With chains of lakes, waiting to host you on a boat tour, and the beautiful roads from one lovely area to another, one can’t possibly allow the stress of the “real world” distract them in this area of the country. You’ll understand why this is known as the ” Land of Hospitality” when you visit during any season of the year and enjoy the fishing, horse shows, swimming, concerts, theater, and festivals. Christmas in Coldwater! Now there’s excitement and small-town charm. Beginning in October, the downtown merchants hold a decorating competition. There are gifts and prizes, and the Annual Holiday Parade will make you think you’ve just stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting. Come join us!

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