Innkeepers Celebrate the “Pure Michigan” Peach

peach imageAugust is National Peach Month! We’ve been celebrating all week long, collecting favorite recipes from our creative Michigan bed and breakfast innkeepers to share with you before the season is over.

One of the naughtiest and yummiest recipes is Rose and Lydia’s “Georgia” Peach French Toast, made with fresh Michigan peaches at their Mackinac Island inn, Bay View B&B. Because peaches have a short season here in the northern hemisphere, many recipes call for canned peaches. But like all good cooks everywhere, Michigan innkeepers substitute fresh-from-the-farm when available. This recipe is from B&B Recipe Favorites, our online version of the “Michigan Bed & Breakfast Cookbook,” a great resource for cooks who love to serve good food.

This delightful confection is "Peaches and Cream French Toast" from Presque Isle Lodge B&B. Just click on the image to get the recipe.
This delightful confection is “Peaches and Cream French Toast” from Presque Isle Lodge B&B. Just click on the image to get the recipe.

Heritage Manor Fruit Crisp is another recipe from the online cookbook that features fresh Michigan peaches in season. This B&B is in the heart of Michigan’s fruit belt, along the coast of Lake Michigan. Don’t miss the Adrounie House B&B’s “Peachy Blueberry Stuffed French Toast,” delicious with either a blueberry or a peach-orange sauce. They’ve thoughtfully provided cooking instructions for both.

Did you know you can substitute fresh peaches for almost any firm fruit –like apples –that cook up into a thick and smooth consistency? The same pinch of sugar and cinnamon that enhances apple pie will enhance a peach pie. If you like sweet better than you like tart, peach desserts may be your answer.

Fresh Peach Pinwheel

Adventure Inn B&B celebrates National Peach Month with fresh fruit creations like this pinwheel of sliced Michigan peaches (above), Traverse City black cherries and raspberries arranged around the “cheek” of a yellow plum.” It’s almost too pretty to eat! The innkeeper also serves fresh peaches drizzled with vanilla yogurt to which she adds a pinch of brown sugar and a little cinnamon. Heaven!

Claire's Honey-roasted peaches recipeAnother perfect way to start the day is with Claire’s Honey-Vanilla Roasted Peaches with Berries. It’s a signature recipe seasonally prepared for guests of At Willow Pond B&B as a starting course to celebrate the Michigan peach harvest. It’s a pretty simple recipe you can make at home to wow your friends and family. The innkeeper’s may be just a little more special in that she uses honey from their own hives and, in the photo to the right, elderberries that grow wild on the property. But don’t worry: you probably can’t duplicate it exactly, but you can come darn close with good organic honey and any of your favorite berries.

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