Celebrate Life: Celebrate Spring at Dewey Lake Manor B&B in Michigan

 This is the first in a series of photos documenting the slow but certain coming of spring to Pure Michigan by member innkeepers of the Lake to Lake B&B Association. These photos were shared by Barb and Joe Phillips of Dewey Lake Manor in Brooklyn.
Dewey Lake Manor B&B in Brooklyn, near Jackson MI.

Just weeks ago, Barb and Joe Phillips’ bed and breakfast in Brooklyn looked like this. Dewey Lake Manor has waited months under drifts of snow for the arrival of spring. Officially, that happened March 20. Finally, little by little, tiny promises of life are pushing up and peeking out from under last year’s detrius. Spring may not yet be fully sprung, but Barb’s photos prove the adage that it’s just around the corner.

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Like tiny jewels, crocus are the first welcome sign of spring at Joe and Barb's place on Dewey Lake.
Dewey Lake Manor fresh eggs chicken.
The April sun has gained some warmth, as the Phillips' heat-basking chickens can attest. What's for breakfast?
Daffodils at Dewey Lake Manor B&B
Just a few more days of sunshine and an April shower, and these daffodils will burst into a profusion of yellow blossoms.
Spring at Dewey Lake Manor B&B
You rarely see pussy willows in people's backyards anymore as you do at Dewey Lake Manor. The quentessential sign of spring, their furry "blossoms" are like magnets for honey bees.
At Dewey Lake Manor, even the resident kitty cat takes time to smell the flowers, especially when they signify the start of another glorious Pure Michigan summer.

If you’d like to share your photos of an emerging spring with others, just email in jpeg format to innfo@laketolake.com anytime this month.