B&B Lovers: When Did You Ever Describe a Hotel Stay As…..

….Fun. Local. Historic. Amazing. Memorable. Crafty. Delicious. Outdoorsy. Countryside. Adventurous. Personal. Breathtaking?

I was just watching a video made by and for innkeepers by the international inkeeping asssociation, PAII.  It begged the question. While the 25,000 independently-owned bed and breakfast inns across North America are all too often overshadowed by large chain hotels and motels, the fact is that few of their guests have ever used any of these words to describe their stays.

Innkeepers: Chime in with your comments. Tell us where you fit with these descriptive words.

Off the top of my head and inside it, I see The Kalamazoo House, a member of this Michigan B&B Association, snuggled in the heart of the downtown that made “I Got a Gal….” famous. If you want motels, they are nearly all out by the interstate where no one really lives. The Kalamazoo House is…. well…. local, historic, memorable and a whole lot more.

Crafty would be the the lovingly-restored 1912 Arts and Crafts bungalow in Whitehall, called The Coca Cottage B&B for its delicious “all things chocolate” theme.  Dapple-Gray and Big Bay Point Lighthouse B&Bs are breathtakingly perched over memorable views of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula.  And of course there’s Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula with its aerie-like views of both the east and west arms of Grand Traverse Bay.

Then there are all the inns and all the adjectives I’ve left out, including 120 more member B&Bs, all unique in their own right  — not to mention the word, “delicious,” which is the other half of the bed and breakfast equation — and the word “personal,” which is the essence of B&B hospitality.  There’s not enough room in this blog. You’ll have to explore their merits for yourseves and apply your own descriptive words.  It’s easy.  Just visit our website by clicking here.

MBBA Innkeepers: tell us about yourselves in the comment section below.  Who’s delicious? Adventurous? Historic? Personal?

Readers: what adjectives would you use to describe your B&B experience?